lemon juice hair dye?

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I've been getting tired of my boring hair color and am curious about dying my hair with lemon juice. Right now my hair is kind of dirty blonde with a little red mixed in. Anyone have an idea about what color the lemon juice would make it? I'm hoping that it'd bring out my red or make it lighter blonde but I'm not sure. Anybody ever tried this before? Advice is much appreciated!!


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    When I was in high school a decade or more ago I would use sun in to make my brown hair get these sort of red highlights. If I remember correctly it has lemon juice in it to be used in the same way. I used the sun in to highlight where I wanted the color- when I spend a lot of time in the sun my hair gets those highlights anyway. I used the sun-in so I would have them earlier in the summer.

    As a disclaimer: I was also chemically relaxing my hair back then, and I've noticed in the last year or so that my hair looks a lot darker than it used to. I googled it, and got a wikihow on it. The last portion says to give it 3-4 weeks at least with the recipe that they give. Here is the link: How to Dye Your Hair With Lemon Juice: 8 Steps (with Pictures) I like that they also recommend using conditioner for dry hair- however I would recommend it for any hair since it is an acid and you are doubling the effect of the acid by exposing your strands to UV rays and/or heat. It also includes a guide as to about what colors to expect depending on your starting color. Hope that helps, and good luck!

    You may want to try some chammomile tea too- possibly use some strongly brewed tea made of that instead of the water that they have in the wikihow? I've read about that giving brightness to/lightening blonde hair.
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    Lemon juice and sunlight cause a sort of bleaching affect. It works on blonde hair or already light hair. I have dark Auburn red hair and I wanted to bring out more a light red, but I did some reading and lemon juice doesn't work on certain colors. I also looked up henna dye, but it's permanent and easily messed up if not done right. Make sure you do your research first and always test on an inconspicuous area just in case.
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    I know this post is old.

    I use regular brown bottle peroxide. Put it in a small spray bottle and select the strands, or whole head to spray. I do not rinse it out.

    I usually spray it on my hair after it's freshly washed and I don't do it every wash. Just when I see the color fading.

    I have not seen any damage to my hair, and the color change looks natural. My hair naturally lightens in the summer, but this give it an extra pick me up.

    You can strand test with your shed hair to see the color changes for your hair texture, type, and porosity.
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