How NOT to do a Bantu Knot-Out

Step 1: Realize you completely forgot to apply moisturizer to your hair while on your last knot.

Step 2: Take down knots before they're completely dry.

Step 3: Separate hair in such a way that it makes one's hair look and feel like a brillo pad.

Step 4: Step outside on a humid day and have your hair partially revert back to its original texture.

By following these steps your bantu-knot-out will be as successful as mine was! It doesn't even look like I did anything to my hair but sleep on it! WOW!


  • lolo918lolo918 Posts: 729Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    This is such a funny post and would make a great youtube video!

    I had a similar humid day result when I was still transitioning- my natural roots got a pretty curly texture. My mostly relaxed ends lost all curl and went wonky after about 20 minutes of slow walking with my dog.
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  • NyanCatMeowNyanCatMeow Posts: 49Registered Users
    Thank you! Maybe I should make it into a YouTube video!
  • RimiRimi Posts: 2,001Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Lol! 😂😂
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