Want to BC, but would have to wear a wig?!

Jamieleigh93Jamieleigh93 Registered Users Posts: 56
I've had enough of transitioning now. I've been transitioning for roughly 5 months, I have a good 4 inches of hair. My hairs just doing my head in no matter how much I cut off/ trim the ends go damaged within the 2 weeks. I've been contemplating wearing a wig ever since I relaxed just because of the sheer amount of damage it has caused. It was literally like cardboard from root to tip. It has taken me a whole 5 months to get it into a reasonable condition but, I want to give my hair the best possible chance of good healthy regrowth so I want to know if it's worth just cutting out the relaxer and wearing a lace front wig.
I know it's a personal choice and I feel very ready to cut it all off. I just don't want to regret it. I'm just sick of walking round with my hair in a bun all the time cause I was stupid enough to frazzle it into oblivion :(

Has anyone else thought they were ready and wasn't? Is a big chop a good decision?!


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    Five months would be just 2 ½ inches of new growth, so that may be the problem.

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  • Jamieleigh93Jamieleigh93 Registered Users Posts: 56
    I have a good 4 inches of new growth
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    Why do you need to wear a wig?

    Short hair is acceptable for women especially if you rock it.

    Lace front wigs can ruin your hair line by pulling out the hairs there.
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    Rock your short hair. I had a pixie cut & loved it. So easy to style. Just leave in & gel. #washngoqueen
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    I was dealing with hair loss when I bc'ed at 4 months post so I wore wigs some. I loved my pixie wig and a lot of people thought it was my hair. If you wear one I would suggest regular wigs. You can take them off at home and easily get to your hair to wash and condition. I used this time to experiment. Also make sure you keep your hair moisturized and protected underneath and don't wear everyday or could damage your edges. I used castor oil on my edges if they ever felt streesed and it helped. I couldn't stand wig caps because was too tight so I used brown or black satin scarf. I never regreted my chop for one moment. I hated looking at thin scraggly ends. To each his own.
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    Why not get braids for a lil while. Thts what I'm thinking of doing cuz I'm getting frustrated and tired of wearing my hair in a ponytail !! Transitioning requires a lot of patience soo it's hard but good luck. Im sure whatever u do u will look great !!

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  • Jamieleigh93Jamieleigh93 Registered Users Posts: 56
    Hello guys! I've cut most of my relaxer out now, but not gotten a wig! I have JUST enough hair to put in a bobble/scrunchie. I will continue to cut bits of my relaxer out each month till it's all gone but i don't have much.

    Thanks for all your input guys much appreciated!!!

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