What Color Is This?

nanogirl21nanogirl21 Registered Users Posts: 8
I am looking into getting extensions in my hair before I permanently decide to dye it. Can someone tell me what color’s are in the photo below. I absolutely love this combo, and would like to try it when I get my Senegalese twist in the next few days. I know my hair natural color is a number 4. What numbers do you guys think are in the photo? Thanks in advance!


I thought i'd post this little chart just incase someone don't know the number.



  • CGSince2002CGSince2002 Banned Users Posts: 1,073
    Frankly, that is very hard to do judging from pictures as every monitor varies, several of the samples there look exactly the same to me... I also cannot understand why you'd want to get extensions before you permanently dye it... it should be the other way around, so you can match the extensions exactly to the new color.

    If you're in the U.S., I suggest that you go to an ethnic beauty supply store, they always have lots of hair pieces and wigs and catalogs (and actual products you can look at) and that way you'd be sure of what you're getting. Also, if you do a search for wigs, especially the brands especially for AAs, you will see many of the colors and the numbers displayed and you may be able to match the combination through your own monitor.

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