Finally figured out my hair

MissQuirkyMissQuirky Registered Users Posts: 44
I am excited and happy to say I went to a stylist recently and she was really helpful and helped me understand that I'm actually a 3C curl (I have been told in the past I should never try ethnic products or anything like that on the grounds I'm not multiracial instead of my actual hair). She showed me how to take care of it as a start and how much work it takes to really define your curls nicely.

So in my enthusiasm, I was wondering what other 3c girls (or guys) are doing with their hair and what hairstyles you all find easiest to maintain?


  • midori_vertmidori_vert Registered Users Posts: 33
    Congrats to you MissQuirky!

    I find that the easiest style to for me is to have my hair completely out or rolled up and smoothed back into a large claw clip (with accessories of course!). I find that washing product out with water after buildup and doing small amounts if finger detangling daily helps me a bunch. I have a tender head so lots of styling usually just makes me cranky. 😜😜😜
    Hair Type: 3C (Curls and Kinks)
    Hair Texture: Medium
    Porosity: Normal
    Elasticity: High
    Volume: Normal
    Density: High

    Relaxed for: 13 years
    Big Chop / Went Natural: August 2009

    Current Hair Length: About 1 ft (stretched)
    Goal Hair Length: 4.3 ft / Bra-strap length unstretched

    Regimen: Detangle, Shampoo and Condition 1-2x a month, leave-in moisturizer daily, deep condition 4x a year. NO heat (ever), NO combing when dry.

  • VoluminousGirlyVoluminousGirly Registered Users Posts: 219
    I'm not a 3c but hurray for you! *throws up confetti*
    Sing with Barney tune:
    Frizz loves me
    I hate frizz
    It sticks to me
    like a kid
    with some creams
    and some gel
    and then nothing does the trick
    Please help me
    My curly friends.

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