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I'm sorry if this is explained somewhere but I can't find it. I have been co washing for about six months now and am just today seeing references to co washing as washing with a conditioner, rinsing and then using conditioner again as a rinse out. I have been scrubbing (very lightly) with conditioner, rinsing and then stepping out of shower and completing the t shirt scrunch, yada, yada.

Soooo, should I be co washing and then putting condish on a second time?
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Poo: Have to admit I have recently become a Wen convert. Love it. I have always had problems with my hair "hanging" right, curling uniformly and destorting the perimeter line. Wen makes it hang evenly.


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    If your hair doesn't feel it needs it why use? Of course I am not by any means expert on cowasing-CG but I do as my hair feels. If it feels rough on the ends after rinsing, I scrunch a bit more on the ends.

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    I don't either. I use a LI and that's where I notice the difference. RO condishes that I use as such only made a difference when I use shampoo or after a PT which I always follow with a DT to prevent crunchiness. Otherwise I don't bother.
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    I use a RO, and then a LI. It just seems to work better than just washing and then using a LI--I've seen quite an improvement in my hair since I started doing it. If you don't feel it's necessary for your hair, then don't bother with it.
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