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Soon (maybe already for some) many of us will go to the beach. What do you use as protection for your hair? For years, I've used a cocktail of sunblock lotion and vaseline or a conditioner and oil prior to entering the ocean.

This year, I'd like to use the natural sea salt as a natural hair shampoo/clarifier. The times when I forgot to pre-treat before entering the ocean, I noticed that my hair had a "squeak" to it and was a little dry. But after I rinsed, low-pooed, and DC, my hair was softer, didn't need as much styling product, and the styles lasted longer.
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    I have started using virgin coconut oil and nothing else, and I think it works quite well. It's heavy enough to not let water penetrate. It also protects from the sun. I'm not sure that regular sunblock is good for the hair, but they do make conditioners with sunblock. I have tried a leave-in spray like that from Bonacure, but I think they use -cones in their products, so I won't be using it this summer.
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    In another thread we found mango butter to be as good. I will use a combo of both as overnight treatments before going for swimming and add condish with a with an uv absorbing ingredient. And hope I won't dry my hair much.

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