Went overboard-got GF C&S,

GF Brilliantine Shine Cream-Gel & HE Totally Twisted. Target had 'em for $2.98. I read that whole long thread, but not sure if I should start out and layer C&S under one of the gels, or try it alone first? Has anyone used the Brilliantine Shine before? The *cream*gel got me, since I don't use gels. In fact, these are the first non-natural, off-the-shelf-store-bought hair products I've used in years. I'm really scared :shock: And I can't even camouflage the flourescent green bottles so as not to draw DH's attention to them :roll:


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    Haha, those bottles are a very conspicuous green, aren't they?
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    The leave it itself didn't have enough hold for me but I know some use it by itself. If you're going to be home for the weekend I'd try it alone then under a gel if that didn't work out.
    I haven't tried that gel. I did try the hard curl one. If you want to try that one just say the word and I'll send it to you. It's ok but nothing special. Ya'll know I don't like real hard hold so I don't know what I was thinking with that title.

    Let us know how the gel works oh oh and how the conditioner works for you.

    Something about that green irks my SO, C was like now that you have other stuff are you going to stop with the cheap green stuff? Ummm no but I'll wrap it up in another color if you like? :P
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    Yeah my DH was like, where did you get that fancy stuff? ( he is clueless) I had to point it out to him at Walmart so he wouldn't think I spent alot of $$ on it. That green is really something huh, you can always find it at the store, it is easy to spot out.
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    So far he hasn't said anything- I was lucky when he got home he took a bath, not a shower :) .

    I used the leave-in followed by the cream gel, and it was pouring, then just plain old humid...have to say, not bad: fairly defined spirally stuff going on, with some frizz, understandably for me due to the weather. The only thing is, stupid me didn't read good enough-the gel has alcohol denat(why do they do that :?: )-I only used a small amt, and never had issues, so I may try again. Today, no rain, but windy, so I'm gonna try the CnS with the TT over it, or maybe alone. We'll see.....