Need advice on taming wavy hair

frogfriendfrogfriend Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi this is my first post on this forum and I was hoping to get advice on taming my thick wavy hair. In the morning after I take a shower it will stay down and behave itself for a while but after about mid day it pops back up into what can best be described as Einstein eschew. Worst case scenario it turns into a giant wavy afro. I want a way to keep it tamed and down but I also don't want to lose the waviness. I also don't want it to become super stiff, lifeless, or too greasy. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it since I'm completely lost.


  • CGSince2002CGSince2002 Banned Users Posts: 1,073
    Can you please name the products you're using, tell us the frequency with which you wash and any technique you have used?

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