Have you noticed this?

I was watching tv last night, and saw SO many commercials for curling tools (wands, irons, Curl Genius, etc).. Not a single one targeted to smooth/straight hair! I've even seen a lot of girls with naturally straight hair on social media talking about the "new" Bantu knots!!!

Just thought it was ironic/funny that the tables have turned a little in terms of what's a "sexy/normal/cool" hairstyle.(especially after I flat ironed/destroyed my hair daily for years trying to look like my friends LOL) My fiancé even said, "Hah! Now the straight haired girls are going to have heat damage to get CURLS!" (He understands my obsession with curly hair)

I've been CG for over a year and NEVER going back! Thanks all for teaching me so much about self love and how to tame what once was a hot mess head of hair!!! Go curly girls!!!

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    I posted something similar a few weeks ago. :smile:

    It's a matter of fashion, so once people get tired of one thing they move on to the next, and straight hair had more than a long enough reign. I began noticing several years ago in magazines that pin straight hair was no longer featured, the "buzzwords" were "hair with body"... Next, it was very loose waves, then more defined waves, so the next logical step was curls, of course. So our day has finally come again (as curls were in during the 80s). I won't be surprised if/when the permanent wave returns, probably with a new updated name and/or tweaked method, it returned during the 80s after being only popular among older women for decades, but after all "there's nothing new under the sun" so the old always becomes the "new", at least for the present generation.
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