how to redo color?? can I do it twice in one day

scorpiomoonscorpiomoon Registered Users Posts: 10
Got up early this morning and applied dark blond hair color, and it barely showed up. :( the good news is that the dye made me hair strong, and i could easily run my fingers through my usually thick coarse 2c hair. when i normally get out the shower i have these cute ringlets near my sideburns that will disappear into frizz after drying. but not this time. since my hair had a good reaction to the dye could it be a good thing to try again tonight, perhaps a little longer than 30 minutes and with a lighter blonde?
-predominately 2c (thick when dry, limp and stringy when wet)
-fine 3a sideburns
-3b at nape (frizziest and shrinkiest)
-humidity and static sensitive (lol)
-loves natural products.....scared of even the milest chemicals


  • dixygirldixygirl Banned Users Posts: 279
    you should wait. And you never use the shade that you want to end up. You always use a tint SEVERAL shades lighter than you want to end up. Tint does not make anyone's hair stronger so don't be fooled

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