Traveling to India

Hi guys! This summer I will be spending 5 weeks volunteering at a school in Jaipur, India.

I'm SUPER excited, but also at a total loss of how to deal with my hair over there. It's going to be very hot and humid of course, so I probably can't just go product-free. I am thinking about packing like 5 herbal essences gels, since I go through about one a week, but that seems like such a waste of precious packing space/weight.

Anyways, does anyone know of any CG friendly hair products that I can purchase in India? Or any tips about traveling with curly hair in general?

On a side note, my mom is encouraging me to get a keratin treatment before I go. I'm interested, but also terrified that it'll destroy my curls forever. Any insight to that would also be very appreciated!
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    There are a lot of curlies on NC who live in India so hopefully they'll chime in. What are your hair properties? My hair os coarse and looks great in humidity if I use a gel.

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    My hair is pretty coarse and porous. Humidity is not my friend.
    3b/c coarse, porous (I think), and THICK! Mod CG since: 10/11/08
    Avoiding humectants and protein!
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    If it were me I would wear my hair up or braided those 5 weeks, and forget my hair.

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    Bring the gels. It will be easier. (Just check they're not humectant-heavy if your location is humid).

    From what I've been reading, bkts permanently alter your hair and curl pattern. So, if you like your curls, don't get a bkt.
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