Dealing with two hair patterns

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I started cg in December five months ago I dyed my bleach blonde hair brown and promised to never touch it with heat again. Now since my hair is growing like wildfire I have began to notice that the hair coming it is a 3a pattern while the dyed over damaged hair is nearly a 2b. I low poo and condition with a cone free conditioner and co wash twice a month with vo5. I just can't get my hair to look moderately good anymore :( in the beginning it was way easier because I just had wavy hair and now all the breakage that's growing back are forming ringlets! I did a mini chop to my shoulders back in December and I feel like the only thing I can do it just cut all the damaged parts off and get a boy haircut *cringe* I've been wanting to grow out my hair for so Long and I feel like doing this would set me so far back :( how do you other girls get through this?! Should I just bite the bullet and cut it all off?


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    If you don't mind the work you could try set styles- finger coils, rollers, braids, etc.

    You could also then twist or braid at night to blend/maintain the curls between washes.

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