Gel like Ecostyler with no glycerin

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Hello all! so i've been natural for years now and recently i'm having trouble styling my hair…can anyone recommend a hair gel that holds like eco styler gel but does not contain glycerin. I need to be able to finger coil some sections of my hair with the gel because some of my hair doesn't hold a curl very well even after applying gel, basically they are more wavy/coarse sections of my hair, and i find finger coiling those sections really helps. I like how thick ecostyler is and how heavy it is, the light gels usually don't work for me. I had a lot of great results with Kiss my Face upper Management gel but since the formula has changed i haven't tried it, because my hair doesn't respond well to glycerin. If anyone could list some recommendations that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


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    The only one I can think of, is elasta qp feels like silk design gel.
    However, I think it's hold is lighter than eco, so it might not be that effective, but it is glycerin free.

    I'm also not sure if they still sell this, since I haven't been to a bss in a while.
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    Glycerin Free Products - CurlMart

    maybe this can help. I use 4naturals custard in th. It is glycerin free but maybe too light for you. I also use fsg which can be made thick or thin.
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    Super wet plus gel holds exactly like ecostyler but without the glycerine or protein. Its one of my favorites.
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    does curl junkie pattern pusha give a good hold? i know its glycerin free