Salon colored red hair: Any tips for diminishing fading?

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I'm currently a blonde (not natural) and will be making the switch to a red head. Although I have color treated hair my hair is in relatively good condition. I don't wash my hair daily and avoid using heat & if I do use heat I always do so with a heat protectant.

Has anyone used the no poo method on red colored hair? Red fades fast so I'm wondering if the no poo method will strip my hair of it's color sooner? Any suggestions on sulfate free shampoos that won't strip my hair of color?

Thanks in advance everyone!


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    Actually I think the no- poo method would be perfect for protecting your color. A lot of the "color protect" specific products make a point that they are sulfate free (at least the ones I've seen). If you go to the product review section there's tons of reviews for the various sulfate free shampoos out there.

    As I am a natural redhead myself, welcome to the redhead family! :)
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    Just be gentle with it. Try to avoid doing anything to it the first few days. After that use low poo and no poo, as sparingly as you can. Red does fade much faster than the other colors. It doesn't absorb into the hair as much or as deeply. It's a lot of surface color. It sounds like you will do just fine with it, based on the method you use anyway.

    I do know they make speciality sulfate free shampoos for every hair color. You can easily find one for red, but sulfate free is the ticket regardless.
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    I use color refreshing shampoo and conditioners in between henna treatments; Davine's copper conditioner is very good. Not sure if it's sulfate free, however.
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    No poo is the best possible way to maintain color. You ll understand this when you ll use shampoo. A lot of color all over the bathtub

    If the tap water is quite alkaline where you live, a water filter installed is going to made a decent difference as well.

    Other than that, your individual hair properties will determinde how long your color lasts. If you have overporous hair the dye can;t hold well.

    You can try pre-pooing with coconut oil to reduce the amount of water absored in the hair shaft during wash. Water alone is a major calprit for color fade. Check "hydral fatigue" to get an idea.

    Instead of redying tha hair again and again, month after month, resulting in more porous hair everytime, I d suggest use a semi permanent on the lengths to maintain your shade.

    If you re commited to red you'd better go for body art quality henna. It's SUPER permanent, you won't care about color fade and it;s quite conditioning.
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    I've been dying red for years. I stopped bothering with color protect items just because I didn't really see a difference. I use a low poo periodically with no trouble (every couple weeks). The biggest thing for me is to avoid glycerin in my stylers because it strips color pretty fast (at least in my hair and red is a smaller molecule if I remember correctly). In between colorings I have a temporary color mousse to refresh the color. Enjoy the red :)

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    I agree that henna is the best choice for permanent redheads. However, one needs to do a test sample on hair from the drain protector first, to ensure you'll get the right shade.

    Also, henna can be very bright at first, though it settles into a more natural look within a few days.
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    Great tip about glycerine. Puls reds and golds right out of your hair. Getting a showerfilter, to get chloramines out of the water.(tyhey will bleach and fade) Another great tip. I extended my gold blonde color (blonde anyway heading towards white) to almost 8 weeks, once I switched to curl junkie daily fix, nopoo.The other cheaper condish people use for nopoo, didnt clean scalp good enpugh, and started loosing hair. Hope I have the nerve to go red before I die. LOVE redheads!But am also lazy about upkeep!
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    When my friend went to red her stylist added some dye to her washing products. She said it helped.
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