Hair color horror :(

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Hey guys…I decided to join this board after experiencing a traumatizing experience at a cosmetology school today.

My hair is 3b (waist length when straight and VERY thick) and naturally dark brown but I've been dyeing it blue back for 2 years…recently I decided to go an ash blonde, similar to Leona Lewis. I went to a professional to lift the black out of my hair the first time, and to a cosmetology school to save some buck and they got it to about a level 5. I waited 3 months in between each process to ensure that my hair was in good health by the time I colored it again.

Well today I went back to the school for the final step in achieving my ash blonde color.

This is where the horror begins… when the student rinsed my hair, I noticed clumps falling out. As soon as he brought me back to the chair, there were TONS of long bleached white parts of my hair hanging from the ends…I didn't panic as he assured this was normal shedding for curly hair. NO. As I watched him comb my hair, clumps continued to fall out…at this point I was in tears and begged them for a protein treatment because my hair felt like gummy mush. My hair was CLEARLY in a horrific state compared to when I first walked in, and they kept trying to reassure me that the conditioner was just "heavy" and I was just shedding.

After receiving a "complimentary" deep treatment from the teacher (complimentary?? umm so they were going to let me walk out of the salon half bald!?!?) my hair felt a bit better but it is noticeably thinner…I am devastated as I've never seen my hair succumb to bleach like this. I'm 100% sure the student left the bleach on way too long considering my prior color history. OH and did I mention it's the same color as it was when I walked in? -_-

So as soon as I got home I saturated my hair in coconut oil and my curls have definitely reverted…but I still can't shake the fact that I literally lost half of my hair. I had insanely thick hair to begin with so the hair loss might not be noticeable to others but it's noticeable to me, especially in the crown area where most of my length was.

My question is, when should I do a protein treatment, and what kind? I am considering the joico k pan revitalize or the aphogee protein treatment…I'm kind of worried about aphogee though because I hear it can make your hair break off if it's used on the wrong type of hair.

Thanks for reading and sorry it's such a long post lol


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    I'm so sorry that you had to go through such a bad experience, apparently the teacher was not doing her job of supervising the student... But I myself had a bad experience with one of my ex-teachers when I decided to go from very dark burgundy brown to also an ash dark blonde. She applied bleach when I needed a color remover and kept telling me it was the same thing when I knew it was not, plus it was a sort of heavily herbal"natural" kind because she thought I would prefer that, but it did NOTHING to my length but somewhat lightened by new growth... And you know what she said, that CG had shut my cuticle so tight the product couldn't penetrate, such an absurd and ignorant thing! So I had to sit through another session of bleaching with regular bleach but had to have it rinsed out too soon because the school closing time came. So I walked out of there with 2-tone hair and I ran to a beauty supply but they didn't have too much to choose from and what I bought was too harsh (Miss Clairol) and turned out still on the orangey side, so in a couple of weeks I used an oil bleach on the bottom part and recolored and finally evened out the tone, but at a price, since my hair is fine all those chemicals destroyed my hair. I did not have massive hair loss that I recall but it just wouldn't curl. I was constantly micro-trimming my ends and finally got tired of the limp ends and cut it pretty short, so if you didn't loose curl maybe you can live much longer with your hair.

    I myself chose to stay away from the Apogee because it seemed too scary to me as well. I can't give an opinion about the Joico because I have no experience with it, but perhaps someone else will chime in. I had a fave protein treatment called Hi-Pro-Pac for Extremely Damaged Hair but with my degree of damage it really didn't help as much as I expected, however, every type of hair is different so YMMV. The only one that returned some curling ability to my hair was Fermodyl for EDH (pink label), it's a LI serum sold only at some beauty supplies. You can also try Ion's Reconstructor sold at Sally's, I would start ASAP and do 2 the first week, then one every week, also use a moisturizing DT. Since you say you ended up with hair that was the same color, I recommend a cholesterol DT like Queen Helen's, even with just the heat of your own head (if left for an hour or so), it will leach out some of the excess tint from the hair each time, and you can repeat this as much as you like and as long as you alternate with the protein DTs it won't leave your hair overly soft.

    And for the record, since you'd already gone down to a level 5, you could've gradually lightened your hair at home with just an extra-light hair color, such as Colorsilk Ultra Light Ash Blond, or with a gentle bleach, there's lots of videos on Youtube how some girls have gone from very dark to even platinum or white or silver hair by taking their time. IMO the Colorsilk is gentle enough to repeat after a 2-3 weeks as long as you do protein DTs in between. But we live and learn, so now is the time to baby your hair in every possible way. Try to not dwell too much about what happened, lucky for us hair keeps growing so eventually this will become a thing of the past.
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    although we're not comfortable with natural remedies as they are time consuming; requires preparation and hustling process. however a traumatic loss like yours might do with some natural home treatment even if it takes time. use of Castor oil and Olive oil together do a good protein job. Mustered oil with Olive oil works instantly on damages of your hair body.

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