Need School Hairstyles!! Simple & Easy

Beautii_NaturalBeautii_Natural Registered Users Posts: 3
I need simple but chic hairstyles ! I will be a freshman this year and I want to my hair to be maintained and styled ! :study:


  • curlygirlINcurlygirlIN Registered Users Posts: 70
    Hey! I have 3a hair. Usually I just where my hair down, but on a bad hair day there are a few styles I do. My usual is just a messy curly bun or side braid. Fishtail braids are super cute too. Or, you could do a really cute half up creative and most of all be YOU! If you want more styles, youtube is a good place to find them.
  • justlove_mariahjustlove_mariah Registered Users Posts: 34
    Hey! I'm not sure of your hair type there are TONS of videos on youtube..I'll name a few I like..Luhhsettyxo , she has long curly hairstyles and short ..MuchMoreThanBeauty, her curls are so amazing and she has quite a few hairstyles for her long hair...asplashofdr , she has some hairstyles for her long and short hair :)
  • curlysophiecurlysophie Registered Users Posts: 216 Curl Neophyte
    Doing a braid is really good for when you're having a bad hair day. I also like doing half-up or putting my hair in a headband. And as the other responders said, you can find a ton of hair tutorials on YouTube!
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  • madzcrainmadzcrain Registered Users Posts: 6
    Hey girl! I think I have a hair type- 2C to 3A. A really easy but gorgeous style for me on a bad hair day:
    Gather all hair into a pony tail. It can be high or low, tight or loose- just make sure the front looks how you want it.
    Now, you'll need some bobby pins for this. Grab all that hair in your pony tail in your hand and gather it up loosely against your head- sorta in a big, messy bun shape. Stick in a few pins to hold it in place, (X patterns work well if your hair is stubborn) and then tug on the edges slightly to loosen. With some natural tendrils falling out, its really pretty and easy!
    Another even quicker one is to experiment with half ups. Do a topsy turvy- that's when you part the hair above the elastic and flip the tail of your half up in, and pull it down. It creates a cute little twist. Or you can braid it, make it into a little bun- endless possibilities!
    Good luck :)
  • brinichole24brinichole24 Registered Users Posts: 46
    well i don't know your hair type but mine is 3b-3c, and i am a freshman this year too! i usually wear mine down, unless i am having a bad hair day, then i like to put it up in a messy bun,pony tale, braid, or a side pony tale. hope this helps, and good luck!
  • Turquoise1222Turquoise1222 Registered Users Posts: 5
    Hi! I have 2c/3a hair with some 3b/c underneath. So to answer your question, here are a few suggestions for what you could do with your hair: put it in a bun (high or low, messy or sleek) and add a cute headband (this is great for times when you need to wash your hair or a bad hair day), if you know how to fishtail, they look great on curls and there's some great tutorials for how to do them online, you could also just do a simple side braid, and you can always add cute bows or headbands or etc to any of these. You could also try french braiding your hair and maybe putting some product in it if you want to wear the curls from the braid the next day. Hope this helps 😊

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