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Hey :) my hair is starting to break off at the ends due to heat damage, and because i'm not quite ready to go completely natural yet (don't have the time with exams coming up/the money at the moment to go looking for hair products) I was wondering if anyone had any good recipes for hair moisturisers using household-food items? I have 3a/b curls.

i've tried avocado in the past, but it smelt sooo strong and since then, I can't stand the smell of it anymore haha


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    Hi! I have 2c\3a hair, so our hair types are a little different. I do have a favorite homemade deep conditioner recipe though. The base is mayonnaise (you smell like a salad while it's in, but the smell washes right out). My hair is about three our four inches past shoulder length, so I put about a tablespoon or two of mayonnaise in. Then I put maybe like a half tablespoon (can you tell I don't measure my ingredients?!) of honey in. You might want to be careful with the honey, it can lighten your hair. My hair is naturally blonde though, so it doesn't really do anything to me. After that I put in three drops of grapefruit seed extract. That helps your hair be nice and thick. It's also good for your scalp if your scalp gets a little oily sometimes. So yeah, that's pretty much it. I've read about putting yogurt in your hair, but I've never tried it...I like eating it too much. =) Oh, and sometimes I put a little coconut oil in the hair mask...just depends on what mood I'm in. Anyway, hope this gives you some ideas!
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    ahh thank you, this sounds good, i'll have to try the recipe soon. I've tried honey in the past for lightening actually, but because I used to straighten my hair a lot it just ended up smelling of burnt sugar for a while, but it did seem to lighten haha :)
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    I use honey a lot, but I haven't noticed a lightening effect on my hair. I like to use yogurt and honey mixed with conditioner and oil if the conditioner doesn't have oils. I don't really use heat though outside of a diffuser a few weeks ago, so when I use it to style I haven't noticed problems.

    For actual moisturizers, I'm loving flaxseed gel as a styler/moisturizer. My hair is low porosity, fine textured, and lower density so those film forming components of the flax gel work excellent in locking in moisture. I mix it with my conditioner, honey, aloe vera gel (rarely), and a little oil since my current conditioner doesn't have any oil at all. It's the flaxseed curl cream recipe from the science-y hair blog at: Science-y Hair Blog: What's Cooking This Week (8-13-11)

    You may also want to look into doing pre-poo's with oils, conditioners, or yogurt, or all three. I do coconut oil overnight, and it helps with reducing tangles during washing. My hair seems to be finicky so I have to low-poo the oil out, but I've seen where others can get away with just cowashing it out with conditioner. I've seen coconut milk used also- I hated the oily residue it left on my hair so that might be another thing that damaged/porous hair like you describe may love. It's just very drippy, so I'd make sure to do it in the shower (use a hair dye bottle, spray bottle, or old squirt bottle- I'm thinking mustard type cap), and a can costs less than $2 where I live. One can should be able to be used more than once I would think.

    My last thought of what may help is doing a protein treatment if your hair is damaged it can at least try to help patch up some of the damage, so that your hair retains moisture better. I think coconut milk may have some proteins already, but I'm not completely certain about that.
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    Thanks :) I might give both the honey another go, and coconut oil sounds like a good one too, i'll have to check out that scienc-y blog
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    see my post 4 diy deep conditioners for dry hair https://t.co/aYCMDA5XKx hope it helps! www.nappyteens.wordpress.com

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