I need help taming my multiracial mane!

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I believe I'm a 3a/b course type hair and I can't wear my hair naturally because I don't know how! I'm the only person in my family with curly hair, so Ive been limited to ponytails, braids or straight styles. I have tried everything from salon brand($$$) products to Aussie and nothing seems to make my hair manageable. I take good care of my hair, I'm natura(never chemically treated) and I've abandoned heat for past few months yet my hair still looks like this. I use a deep conditioner bi weekly, I prepoo with hot Virgin olive treatment and I only wash once or twice a week. I use leave I'm conditions and argon oil as well. PLEASE HELP! Now that I've given the back ground my question are:

How to style my curls without frizz?
If you have similar hair what's your routine?
Is my hair type 3a/b?


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    Have you looked at the live curly live free book or the deva curl website? Both websites have great information for caring for curly hair. I would begin by co washing more and getting a good curly cut. Those 2 things along with a hydrating gel have saved my hair.
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    GypsyPrincess I'm in the same boat as you!! I have 3b curls and no one in my family has hair like me lol so I am alone and have been straightening for years! Up until 2weeks after getting a trim and seeing the surface damage I have I'm making a big attempt to learn to deal with my curls and leave the heat alone.

    I have no routine yet I'm just in the beginning stages still of finding out what works best for me.
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    Your help is here by Teri LaFlesh who was just like YOU. She is biracial and struggled with chewed up dry, brittle hair all her life. Now her hair is at her crotch and BEAUTIFUL
    She is the author of the book " Curly Like ME "
    Do what will work for OUR hair types not other people's hair type!!!
    Also for curly hair that lacks sebum, silicones are a PROTECTIVE replacement for missing sebums that never reach our strands!
    go to Welcome !
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    The livecurlylivefree.com website is an awesome first step to learn more about the types of hair beyond pattern. Curl pattern isn't as important for caring for hair. I would also suggest doing the Curly Girl routine which is posted in the newbie part of this forum. You can always use a sulfate free shampoo if you don't like conditioner washing. However Suave Naturals conditioners work well for conditioner washing.

    I would suggest getting a hair analysis from Goosefootprints on Etsy eventually. This will help you learn your hair properties which will reduce the trial and error process when choosing products.

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