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I read before the informatoin on the frizz forecast may be inaccurate. Can someone help me along here with what's wrong with it. For example, here is what comes up in my area for today:




Recommended Products for Frizzy Waves:
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Find detangling products »
Find sun protectant products »
Find glycerin-free products »
Find gel products »
Find pomade products »

Is the above info wrong??? Or is it the products that pop up under these categories that are wrong?

Sorry I'm a dunce when it comes to this!


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    The factual information (temperature, humidity, and dew point) are, AFAIK correct. The problem is what the Frizz Forecast forecasts and advises. The information it gives about how the weather will affect your hair is not correct. We don't know where they got it, but it contradicts everything reliable sources tell us about how dew points and humectants affect curly hair. It tells people that their hair will frizz, or they'll have to be particularly careful about product ingredients when dew points are ideal.

    Dew points of 40-60ºF are when curly hair is at its best. There is enough moisture in the air to support the natural curls, but not so much that hair will frizz. In lower dew points, moisture is pulled out of hair, and it may frizz because it is reaching out for more moisture. In high dew points, hair absorbs more moisture from the air, and can become bloated, also causing frizz. Hair which is too dry or too wet not only frizzes, but is more easily damaged.

    Humectants are meant to attract and hold moisture in hair, but they can backfire. What they do is attract and hold moisture to themselves. When there's less moisture in the air (low dew points), they suck even more moisture out of hair because they can't get it from the surrounding air. In high dew points, they pull too much moisture, and hold it right next to the hair, increasing the tendency to become bloated.

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    If you want decent advice on what to use for various dewpoint ranges, try The 411 on Dewpoints and Humectants and/or the Pittsburgh Curly's (Redcelticcurly on Curltalk) blog entry on dewpoints. Both are good, but the Pittsburgh Curly blog was my go to article on what dewpoints are and how to deal with them before had their own. It does a great job of putting dewpoints in layman's terms.
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