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Hello, I would like to ask about proteins on hair. What proteins are the best for hair? I heard a lot of good talking about whey protein. So I found some USN whey and oats proteins, is that good?


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    Everyone's hair is different and will not respond the same to products. What are your hair properties? I do know that many places that I've read about it say that when in doubt hydrolyzed protein is best because it is small enough to get inside the hair. This makes sense to the scientist in me, so I use iagirls gelatin treatment from the science-y hair blog: Science-y Hair Blog: Recipes and Projects.

    This treatment is also pretty cheap as it requires small amounts of oil, apple cider vinegar, water, and unflavored gelatin. It is runny, and she did post a thicker treatment in the last few days, plus if you scroll down to the recipe in the link she also always includes additives you can use, and variations.

    I googled the product, but came up with a porridge/breakfast oatmeal type product so it is unlikely to have protein that is hydrolyzed since it is supposed to pack a protein punch. Is this different from what you bought? I would worry about being able to rinse it out, and leaving chunks of oatmeal in the hair based on some recent posts that I saw here, but do not have personal experience to say yay or nay on that point. Also, I noticed that the though I'm in the U.S. the first google result that I got was in pounds so I'm guessing you are not in the U.S. I'm not sure if you can get them, but you could try to get Curl Junkie, use beer (also from iagirls blog), aphogee, and I think I remember seeing a product called gliss? that was European with a good protein treatment. Good luck!
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    if your hair likes it power to you, but have you tried hydrogenated Protein?
    its broken down more and easy to get i to the hair....
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