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I was trying to finger detangle my hair since I've been reading it's better but I'm terrible at it. Or maybe it's just not for my hair. I usually use a Denman style's actually better than the Denman imo. I think I suffered some bad breakage trying that out plus I ended up going over with the Denman to smooth out because I have a lot of she'd hair (6 mos postpartum). I'm going to say I got maybe 20 breakage pieces from trying this out. I'm so depressed. Will this this set me back a lot? What can I do to save my hair?


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    When are you detangling? What other products are you using? Are you starting at the roots or the ends?

    BTW if you have just had a baby then your hair will fall out for a bit then stop. However if it continues after a year then go and see doctor and ask for full nutrient and hormonal blood tests.
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    Were you finger detangling in the shower with your hair full of conditioner? That's what provides enough slip to let most of us detangle gently.
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    I was using Aussie moist with a little evoo. I misted the hair a little to dampen and I started kinda in the middle of the ends. I went back and looked at the hair...most of it is shed hair. I even noticed the smaller inch pieces I thought were breakage had the bulb at the end. Still I had some breakage and it bothered me because I want my hair long. I'm kinda scared to detangle in the shower because I have 4a hair and it could take some time even in sections (i hate being in there forever) so I tried to do it before I showered. I really want my hair past my armpits. I'm tired of this length I want long hair so bad. I might just go back to my Denman. I like its detangling power...
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    Doing a coconut oil pre-poo treatment would help. Apply coconut oil (melted in your hands, if it's solid at room temperature) to the ends and length of your hair, and let it sit and soak in for up to 18 hours before you wash your hair. Co-wash, then apply plenty of conditioner, and finger detangle. That said, some people with type 4 curls do detangle with coconut oil before washing their hair, because it can be such a lengthy process, and coconut oil is extremely good for detangling. Another alternative is Terry LaFlesh's Tightly Curly method, which is probably closest to what you're describing, but I don't follow that method, and can't speak for it. (My hair is superfine and super fragile, and the curliest parts are only that tight or go fractal only in consistent, pretty high dew points.)

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    I will def try the coconut oil prepoo. I usually use coconut oil daily on my ends. I've been trying different hair care methods from the internet. Aside from washing in sections and giving the finger detangling a another go, I think I'm going to stick to my usual hair care methods. All the other new stuff I tried isn't really working well for me, but it was nice to experiment a little. I didn't have any breakage taking out my twists today and there is none on my shirt. I checked my ends and they seem pretty good just a few ssk but no splits so I didn't do any serious damage. I'm really interested in trying finger detangling again with coconut oil.

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