tighter curls near the roots?

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hello curlies! :bounce:
Are any your curls tighter at/near the roots and gradually loosen as the strands lengthen? I recently cut my bangs too short and they coiled up for dear life near my hairline but when they were longer, they were looser. Is this normal for lots of corkscrew types (or other types of curls in general)?
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    I would say say that it is normal, because once you cut the length of your hair(bangs) the weight no longer stretches your curl, therefore making it appear curlier.
    Also It normal for root hair to be curlier/thicker because it is virgin hair.
    No heat or chemicals have been applied to that hair, which could make it thicker and curlier than the length of your hair.
    But these are just opinions on your situation.
    Best wishes
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    Same thing happened to me but I thought it was because of my heat damage

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