Can any of you kind ladies help a Guy out?

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How to get rid of stubborn curly hair when the rest are straight?

I'm a guy with thin Asian hair. My hair used to be naturally curly when I was younger, but it got straighter as I aged. Not only that, my hair would tend to stay at only one direction and sticks flat down to my scalp. So basically, my hair won't cooperate with me even when I use hair gel to keep it at a desired place. Through out the day, they will just return back to that flat and undesired direction.

Also, since my hair is once naturally super curly, the front tip of my head still stays naturally curly. I don't know how to describe it, but they will be naturally that curly to a point that it will sticks out and a makes a 'C' shape on my forehead. The best I could describe it to you is that only portion makes me look like Christopher Reeves when he plays Superman. You can clearly tell I'm a guy as I'm explaining this to you. :laughing9: Can any kind soul help me with this?

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