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I've been learning to love my hair but sometimes I miss how easy it is to manage with straight hair. ive gone on youtube and looked for ways to straighten my 3b hair without heat and the latest method I tried was the Wrap around method, which Is when you use your head as sort of one big roller and just wrap your hair around your head section by section. yesterday I tried it and it came out very very puffy, I brushed it down and put my hair in a braid until I could figure out what to do with it. I was wondering if theres anyway to do the wrap so that my hair doesn't come out so fluffy. I want it to come out silky-ish. I put in serum and a bit of oil when I did the wrap, but only some parts came out perfect and the rest were crazy. any suggestions? thanks!:blob4:


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    Hi there. Sorry your first wrap did not turn out so great. It is a skill. And like all skills you get better at it with practice.
    • use a bristle brush
    • use some long clips to hold the hairs in place
    • use a wig cap or cap made from a stocking first for really tight smoothing
    • remove the clips
    • twist the stocking cap around in the direction you wrapped to smooth everything down well inside there.
    • cover with a satin scarf on top of the cap made out of a stocking
    • keep it on for at least 8 hours
    If you do it over a second time the next day on dry hair it will usually be really smooth and take out any remaining puffiness. OR simply blow dry smooth any crinkly areas after you finish.
    What I also do instead of a wrap personally is to just dry my hair in a ponytail twisted up in a bun on top of my head. That is fool proof. But it makes a pretty roller set effect with no work.
    The second day you can wrap it if you want it smoother after doing a bun the first day.
    For me personally, I don't do wraps usually. I just usually air dry and then put my hair in a top knot bun while it is still very slightly moist. Again, you let it set overnight at least 8 hours to be completely dry with a scarf to protect it. Then when I am ready to go out, I just unwind my bun and look like I just walked out of a salon everyday! . :glasses10:
    Hope that helps

    PS: Oh, here are some other tips and looks you might enjoy on your smooth hair days!

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