Salons Near Philadelphia PA, Reviews Please :)

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I'm currently living outside Philadelphia (zip code 19468) and I'm looking for a salon near me where other curlies have had good experiences. I looked at the salon finder on here but most of the reviews were at least a year old (with a lot of them from around 2009) so I was hoping someone could chime in with something more recent.

I know from experience that salons change, prices go up, hair stylists become too popular and start trying to squeeze in too many clients and end up giving sub-par cuts and colors to each or whatever else. Just because someone was good 5 years ago doesn't mean they're good now. I'm really nervous about letting someone cut my hair and I would feel a lot better if some people could reassure me that they've had good cuts at the salon/with the stylist recently.

I also noticed some of the salons on the Deva salon finder don't show up on the list here at all (such as Beans Beauty and Salon 27). Salon 27 seems to be one of the cheaper places to get a Deva cut so if they're good cheaper is always nice.

Anyhow if anyone in the area could help me out with some suggestions and reviews I would be grateful!
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    I've gone to the same stylist for 30+ years and never gotten a bad haircut. He's also done my straight haired aunt, and she would say the same thing. At this point, he only works 3 days a week. His color work is good, too. I drive almost an hour to see him--and would drive further, if necessary.

    Salon is 19096. If it's of interest, pm me.
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    I know this may be too late, but I had my last haircut at Rae and Co in Ardmore and was honestly thrilled with my cut. Sam was the stylist, and did an awesome job. I've had Deva cuts before and haven't been too impressed, but this one was GREAT.

    They're right on Lancaster Ave., and the price was very reasonable. I forget exactly what I paid, but it was under $50, I believe. The place is small, and the website sucks, but don't let that deter you. :)
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