Opinions on Hairfinity?

JasminexnicoleJasminexnicole Posts: 5Registered Users
Hi dolls:)

I've been seeing a lot of things about hairfinity. Is this even worth trying or is it basically the same thing as biotin and hair, skin, nail vitamins?

If you tried them, how was your experience?


  • ashlyndmarieashlyndmarie Posts: 211Registered Users
    I'm interested to know too, right now I'm taking biotin and hair/skin/nails pills.

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  • NayaMooreNayaMoore Posts: 60Registered Users
    Same as hair skin & nails vitamins, just make sure the biotin dosage in the hsn's match hairfinity's. Biotin is the main ingredient & like 2000-2500 mcg also the msm in it is 750.

    My 2 cents, I think the extra water they are drinking is actually helping their growth. Healthy eating & water contribute to hair growth and most had to increase their intake of water just to take them. Most likely before the vitamins they were not getting enough water
  • JasminexnicoleJasminexnicole Posts: 5Registered Users
    Thank you:)

    I will make sure that my biotin intake is the same. I also agree that drinking water helps with hair growth. It also helps with the breakouts that most people have from taking biotin.
  • jmartinezjmartinez Posts: 126Registered Users
    Ive tried hairfinity for 8 months and didnt see alot of difference. The it works hair skin and nails seems to be getting alot of buzz. Hairfinity is a great vitamin though. Maybe it just didnt do much for me.
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    Unfortunately it made me break out real bad :(
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  • jmartinezjmartinez Posts: 126Registered Users
    Im trying hair finity again and will make sure to get my water. Hopefully it works.

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  • KiraSavannahKiraSavannah Posts: 423Registered Users
    I think it worth it, when I got 1 bottle (last year) people were telling me my hair looked longer and healthier. Im gonna take it over the summer :)

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  • BosslaydeeBosslaydee Posts: 28Registered Users
    ive been taking hairfinity for over 6 months now and ive been seeing steady growth. now i just finished my last bottle and decided to switch to natures bounty hair skin and nails. both gummy and liquid capsules. heard a lot of great things about it and my sister uses the gummies alone. seen some great nail and skin health. i really need my nails to stop being so brittle. and hairfinity is JUST hair for me. so, we'll see what the hair aspect is.
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