What brushes does everyone use?

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If any at all. I'm finger detangling more these days, which I think results in less hair lost for me. But for certain styles I need to smooth my hair out first.

A rattail comb gets it smooth but takes out a lot of hair too. I'm also finding I lose a lot of hair with a tangle teaser and the Denman, even when I take out a few rows of the bristles. Denman works for a lot of people, just not me... Other good brush ideas?
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    A generic Conair brush with little balls at the ends of the bristles, which I know is a CG cardinal sin but it helps detangle my hair. I only use it when my hair is drenched in conditioner. Finger combing takes too long and isn't as effective with my hair.
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    I really like to use a rattail after going through with my widetooth comb. It makes the rattail not pull out so much of my hair if it's a followup. Doing this makes my hair for rollersetting smoother.
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    I have been using the knock-off Denman brush and noticed some breakage too and stopped. HOWEVER, when I finger detangle the shed hairs get on your fingers and unless your taking even more time in this technique to take those she'd hairs off ur fingers with every stroke you will be adding them back into your hair and causing more tangles. Imo the Denman is the lesser evil. At least it actually detangless my entire head.
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    I use a denman brush & love it.
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    I have used a wide tooth comb but it wasn't effective on detangling and I was getting frustrated while detangling and be more aggressive. So I tried tangle teezer and now I use the aqua splash one that actually glides easy. I shed the same amount every time so I don't find a problem.

    I also agree with pictureperfect that it's difficult to get shed hair out of my hair with finger detangling. I also have long nails and always have the feeling I rip my hair while I rake product it.
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