Newbie to natural hair! HELP

Blissfully3CBlissfully3C Registered Users Posts: 25
With my 3c hair at bra strap length, I would love to grow it healthier and longer! I have a high density, normal porosity and fine width. Also shrinkage is a HUGE problem for me, any tips?

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  • Aliciamelena87Aliciamelena87 Registered Users Posts: 68
    1. Embrace the shrinkage. Shrinkage never hurt anyone…unless you get bad knots…that hurts (a lot)

    2. Stretch the hair. There are plenty of heat and heatless methods to lengthen locs and avoid shrinkage. My favorites are banding, using curlformers, gently pulling q-redew wand through hair.

    Oh, bonus: don't scrunch hair when applying products. Use praying hands method instead to smooth product down the hair shaft. You'll still get great curls! :)
  • pinkmouse09pinkmouse09 Registered Users Posts: 107
    Two strand twists help me to avoid shrinkage. I always make sure to put a good amount of conditioner/curl creme in to keep them weighed down during the drying process

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  • curlicious13curlicious13 Registered Users Posts: 1,632 Curl Neophyte
    I personally don't mind shrinkage but I do mind frizzy. Love the shrinkage. It's a part of curly life.
  • HeartsesHeartses Registered Users Posts: 37
    Yeah shrinkage is cool but no one wants their hair shrunken up to their ears when it's at least 6 inches past that.
  • WonderWallWonderWall Registered Users Posts: 19
    shrinkage. is a blessing and a curse that we all just have to live with.
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  • chicabonita93chicabonita93 Registered Users Posts: 18
    try doing braid outs or twist outs, it keeps ur hair from gettting as tangled and will show more length. ive also noticed if i let my hair dry in one or two french braids it helps alot, plus if u leave the braids in for a day or two it counts as a protective style;)

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