Hi, I'm 10 Weeks in as a Curlie-Advice Please!

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Hello everyone! I've been in serious denial for the past ten odd years about my curls. I really truly thought maybe I had straightened my hair into being permanently straight. I woke up one day and just said NO to the hair straightener and blow fryer and the rest is history.

At one point, I had ringlet-y hair. I was hoping with a lot of love and TLC, I might get back to that point. I'm definitely not there. I have 2C hair that is extremely defiant to holding its shape for more than a few hours (especially my canopy curls.) I have an appointment this week with a CHA that specializes in Deva cuts. I'm hoping she might be my saving grace in getting more definition and hold in my hair.

My current (changes week to week it seems...) routine is:

Deva One Condish cowash
Deva B'Leavin
Miss Jessie's Pillow Curl gel
Plop for 20 minutes
Throw in some duckbill clips
Diffuse a little (if time permits)
Spray in some Deva Set it Free

Not sure if anyone can point out a place to start to get more definition and longer hold. My biggest complaint is the fact that second day hair does not exist in any iteration for me. I have stringy straight hair in the morning. Any sort of spraying my hair with water or product produces mass frizz.

I love being natural but some days I need a little help from you wonderful experienced ladies! Thanks in advance for your advice.


  • BeinDebBeinDeb Posts: 583Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Two words.

    Flaxseed Gel.

    It made all the difference for me.
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    Deva curl does have a no poo. The one condition isn't cleanser of that line. Next, I use la looks gels. They're cheap (under $3) & after a good head bang my curls are so defined. This weekend was the best wash & go I've ever had since going curly.
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    Unfortunately, there's an excellent chance that the hair you grew before going CG has sustained heat, and a certain amount of chemical damage. The good news is that treating it well, as you're doing, will help the pre-CG hair be the best it can be, and the hair which has grown since then should be undamaged.

    I would suggest ditching the Set It Free altogether, as it's going to weigh your hair down, and decrease the hold. I would also switch out the Miss Jessie's Pillow Curl Gel because of the emulsifying wax, glycerin, and amodimethicone, which are also in very high concentrations. Devacurl Light or Ultra Defining Gel or LA Looks Sport Gel would be better choices. I personally like a higher hold gel because I can get more hold with less gel, which means less weight from gel on my hair.

    I would also suggest cocktailing the B'Leave In with your gel (mixing them together in your hands) prior to applying them. This will allow you to use less and still get excellent distribution.

    After you hair is dry, distribute a very small amount of gel on your hands, then scrunch out the crunch. This will still leave your hair soft, but provide some protection against frizz, and help your hair hold its shape.

    Be aware that at some salons, Deva stylists can sort of pile on the products, and that can work against you. In contrast, the Deva system started out as being a three step process: wash, condition, and style. My last cut was with Carlos Flores, who was Lorraine Massey's assistant for quite a while, and he suggested that I could simplify by using the same VO5 conditioner I use to co-wash for rinse out and leave in; and only needed one styling product, gel, in addition.

    For the first half year or so that I was CG, I wasn't able to get next day hair. I kept working on it, though, and eventually got much better at it. I figured that if that were the first thing I did in the morning, and it didn't work, I could still hop in the shower (I prefer to shower at night), and rewash my hair. (At the time, I didn't realize that my having been unable ever to get next day hair had been related to cones in the hair products I had been using, as the water didn't penetrate my hair without surfactants shifting the cones.) One of the keys was learning not to get too much water into my hair, but just to dampen it, so the curl can spring back into it without its being weighed down with water. In addition to suggesting that I SOTC with that scant amount of gel on my hands, Carlos strongly suggested using a plant mister, not an ordinary spray bottle, with a mixture of water and conditioner (3:1), and that makes a huge difference, so that I can spray my hair directly. What little gel remains in your hair will work with the spray. Up until then, the only things that worked were lightly dampening my hair with my hands (after spraying them with my homemade refresher spray, or with tap water), or using my Q-Redew (a vapour wand for hair).

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    Welcome luciegoosy! Make sure to use a good quality DT once a week for a while, when I started CG my hair was fairly damaged due to color/highlighting but with lots of TLC in just weeks it bounced back, I didn't even need to use a gel in the humid S. FL climate just a LI (and I miss those days!).
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    Welcome, and best of luck learning what your curls like. Morgan's advice about products was basically what I was going to suggest, all the waxes might be weighing your hair down and the buildup might be too much for conditioner to get out when you wash again. I also agree that when you first start wearing your hair curly it's easier to start out with as few products as possible, that way if something is causing you problems it's much easier to figure out the culprit. :)
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    Chupie has a bunch of wavy hair tutorials/videos on YouTube that you might find very helpful :D
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