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Hello :}
I am new here, and have decided that I want to embrace my naturally wavy & messy hair. It's quirkier and cuter I think (so does my boyfriend). The problem is that I have been dying and flat ironing my hair for probably a good 10 years consistently.

I have previously tried to use the CG method, and I just did not like how my hair felt or looked. So I still use sulfate shampoos and conditioners with silicones.

I was wondering if a treatment of any kind would help bring my wavy/curly pattern back to life. A good cut is key I know, I just recently chopped 6 inches off my hair and now its an inch or two past my collarbone. I also want to highlight my hair for summer, but would this set my curls/wavies back more?

Sorry to throw all these questions at you :} Thank you in advance!!:love4:


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    Ok so first off, welcome!!! Secondly, I'd say even if you're not going to go full CG stop using sulfate shampoos. The drying agents are not good for your waves. I would really do some deep treatments if I were you and baby your hair for a while. Start out with once a week and go from there.

    If you don't mind silicones, I love Earth Science Naturals olive oil and avocado deep treatment masque.

    Hope that helps!
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    You may need to LO poo as opposed to strictly co-wash for better feeling hair doing cg. That is common with wavies. You may also need a little more cleaning power your first time clarifying than just sulfates. You can try a pinch of critic acid (look at health food stores) in your Rinse out conditioner before you go full cg. Did you ever try coconut soaks before washing when you were cg? And what products were you using then. It may have been ones that didn't work for your hair properties. Highlighting is damaging as all chemical treatments are but as long as your hair isn't fried some extra attention to moisture and maybe protein should help with that.
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    Hey Blondewavy,

    Of course everyone here is always excited to hear curly/wavy girls deciding to embrace their natural hair so yay!

    With all the dying and straightening you've probably gotten a lot of damage over time so your hair may benefit from some deep conditioning and a protein treatment. But most of us here didn't really have much luck with our curls/waves till we did at least a modified CG.

    I agree with the others that you probably should at least try a low poo. I started CG (modified CG at the time really I guess. It took me awhile to really commit) with the L'oreal Eversleek shampoo (its a low poo) and had pretty good luck with it. Plus its easy to find and relatively cheap.

    I was always scared of the idea of the CG method mainly because I was worried with the low poo/no poo my hair would be gross all the time but I've been pleasantly surprised once I got past transition hair. I'm not sure what about how your hair felt that you didn't like but you may be able to modify the curly girl method where it works for your waves and still makes you happy with your hair overall.
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    Thank you for the replies!

    I realized the reason my curls/waves were so limp was because I was combing or brushing my hair out after I got out of the shower before scrunching. If I leave it alone in a towel for a few minutes while I do my face up, and then take it down and scrunch it while its still pretty wet with a mousse and gel I love the results. Plus I love how my hair smells when it's not been burnt straight!!

    I actually have two versions of the Loreal Eversleeks. I have a smoother and a volumizer. The smoother makes my hair lay too flat. But recently I have been using NoodleHead from Sally's or just plain old Pantene for Curly hair. Im sure my hair is loaded with silicones, but I do clarify once a week-two weeks.

    It's a start!! :love2:

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