Wavy Shrinkage

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Never paid much attention to shrinkage because I'm a wavy after all and the factor isn't anywhere near the shrinkage of tightly coiled curls.

However, I've been patiently waiting for my hair to grow, aiming for mid-back length dry. I also have leftover thinned-out ends, which need to go, so essentially I need to achieve waist-length hair dry and cut off the thinned-out ends to have mid-back length hair dry.

Anyway, I actually stretched out my hair and looked in the mirror today and to my surprise, it was mid-back length! However, it normally looks BSL or APL depending on how curly/wavy it is on the day. Hmmm...

Do you get shrinkage? Is it noticeable?
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    I definitely get shrinkage! A lot of times I'll go to my hairdresser and she'll tell me how much longer it looks and I'll say, "What?!"
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    Yeah. I probably have a 2 inch bounce some days? My ends are looking thin already but my hair is only just past shoulder :( boo hiss.
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    Yes, I definitely have shrinkage! I'm a loose wavy so mine's mostly noticeable because my hair's pretty short. It goes straight when it's being cut (as the hair cutter pulls the wet hair straight while it dries), so they're always surprised when it springs up after rewetting. I always have to tell them an inch or more longer than I really want it. :)
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