Do you cut your own curls???

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I've been cutting and trimming my own hair since I started going CG (don't really trust salons after reading some of the stories on here, and can't really afford a good curly one), and following youtube vids usually do cuts that were intended for straight hair as that's all I've been able to find. I usually straighten my hair before cutting so that I can see what I'm doing, just cutting some simple layers.

Would love to know how I can be doing this better! Sooo... those of you who cut your own curls... do you have any fave how-to videos? Tips or thoughts? How do you cut your curls?


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    I use cut my own hair. I do it curly as I've been wearing it curly every day now for over 7 months and my hair hates straightening so getting it even when it's curly is more important than even when it's straight. My curls are also getting more and more consistent, they curl in the same way etc, which is also quite crucial.

    I cut my hair in several ways:
    * Dusting of frayed ends and fairy knots
    * using a loose pony tail in different places to cut an even bottom layer and trim overall
    * I then go free hand, layer by layer and trim to get my hair layered in the way I want it. This take time and as my hair is so long I need to wash it and style it to be able to see the result, it usually changes a lot, so, I try to be very careful and cut it more times rather than cut a lot.
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    I have cut my hair using Lorraine Massey's method, as explained and illustrated in Curly Girl: The Handbook (also available here), and demonstrated on the video segment on the accompanying DVD. I've really loved the results, but I take my time, so I don't botch it, and it can take a fair amount of time.

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    I cut my own hair by pulling it straight up and trimming it. I do this when it's wet. It gives me nice layers. After I've styled it and its dry I will go back and trim individual curls that need it.
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    I cut my own hair every 6 to 7 months and in long layers. I only wear it curly now as I've decided never to straighten it again. It is finally curly and healthy. Why damage it with heat?
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  • livingbcof316livingbcof316 Registered Users Posts: 21
    Thanks so much, all!

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