Should I wash daily?

rcourtney14rcourtney14 Registered Users Posts: 11
Hello, ladies

I was just curious should I wash my hair daily or no? Currently I wash every week. And I spray my hair with water daily. Should I even spray my hair with water daily? Im fairly new to curly hair and I'm trying to care for my hair properly. Please help

Im not sure if this is any help but my hair is 3C


  • NinjaCookieNinjaCookie Registered Users Posts: 99
    No! Washing your hair daily dries it out by stripping its natural oils. Once - three times a week is good, just find whatever is best for you. A great alternative to washing with shampoo is cowashing, or washing your hair with conditioner. Instead of stripping your hair it moisturizes while also cleansing. I reccomend doing this inbetween shampoo washes, or even taking the place of shampoo. Like I said, it all depends on what works for you. Wetting your hair every day is fine, as water helps hydrate and refresh it. Okay, that's enough rambling. Hope I helped!
  • BluebloodBlueblood Registered Users Posts: 1,748 Curl Neophyte
    No don't wash daily.

    If your hair doesn't feel clean co-wash using a conditioner without silicones.

    Then every week or when your scalp feels really dirty use a lo-poo - a shampoo without sulphates.

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