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For all the stylists out there,

I'm getting my hair cut for the first time by a new woman in Eugene, OR in a few weeks. She actually gave me my first Deva travel products to try... So far, loving them!

She's trimmed my canopy before (dry) and did a pretty decent job of it. Now I'm wondering if she can trim the bottom layer of my hair. It seems like stylists in the past will only layer the top/mid layers of my hair (I have a lot of hair)... And don't even get me started on the razoring-hack layering job I got from a few stylists ago... Still trying to even both sides out.

So my question is this, how does a hair dresser go about trimming/layering someone's bottom layer? Right now the hair underneath is bone straight.
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    My reply is more about the underlayer than how it's cut. Mine is also pretty flat compared to the rest of the 3b mess I live with. I think mine gets that way from pulling it up over the chair back when I sit down, pulling it into a loose pineapple or putting under a sleep bonnet.

    Since your original post was over a month ago, I'm assuming you've already been to the shop in question. How did it turn out?
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