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    I have seen this documentary before. Although I can't personally relate to it I can see what this happening. I know two bss where they have problems with people stealing weave.. I mentioned in another post I don't shop much at locally owned bss much because seems like all they want to sell are weave, relaxers, and hair grease. As far as the race thing I will say I know of two black owned bss in my area. One I went to and the clerk didn't bother to look up from her magazine to greet me or ask if she could help me. When I did ask questions she seemed annoyed. I left and never went back. Just because a business is black owned doesn't mean rudeness will be tolerated. Honestly I think she was hating on me because I was wearing my naturally curly hair and she had ratchet weave. The other store is owned by people I know and like but their selection is mostly weave so that the times I went I had struggled to find something to buy. only need so many rollers.
    The asian stores around me I have notice usually have black women employees so I think that to be fair should be pointed out. I don't really shop with them either. The majority of my money goes to brands like Jane Carter, Shea Moisture, Curls which are black owned with high quality ingredients and good customer service. I think the Asian companies will sell these lines in their stores but knockoffs are less likely because of price.Shea butter isn't cheap like mineral oil.
    Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it. :wav:

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