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Hey guys! I'm new to the curly girl method and forums! So glad that I found this website! I'm 23 and like many teenagers I had highlighted and straightened my hair almost everyday. Including using a blow dryer and ocassionally a curling iron.. I hated my natural waves because I simply didnt know what to do with my "lions mane". This year I have decided to finally embrace my natural 2B/2C (i think) hair! :) yay!

I have been growing my highlights out for close to 8 months now... They are finally getting towards the ends.. In an effort to have healthier, less frizzy hair. I found this site a week ago after someone recommended Devacurl to me. Right now I cant afford the product (though I really want to give it a try) but I found the starter list for newbies and picked up a couple of products from Walmart. Yesterday was my first day of conditioner washing!!!! :)

These are the products i used.. I hope that they are sulfate free and keeping with the "guidelines":

V05 Herbal Escapes Clarifying Conditioner (kiwi lime squeeze)- i washed with this and rinsed really well.
Hask Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner (this was on sale for 4 dollars so i figured id give it a shot! No sulfates/parabens, etc... Really smooth! I left some of this on my hair when I rinsed.

Then for styling after the shower, when my hair was still wet but not soaked...
Aussie Sprunch Mousse + leave in (scrunch hair)
John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Daily Spray (scrunch & finish)

I am mostly excited to try different regimines and learn new tips and tricks to rock my natural hair!! I hope that i can get it to grow stronger, healthier and less frizzy!

The other thing I wanted to mention (and i saw theres a thread for this specifically) is that over the last year or year and a half, my hair has been thinning a considerable amount everytime i shower. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, but my thyroid levels came back normal. My doctor had no explanation for my hair loss except stress, but reading this forum it seems theres a connection between PCOS and hair loss!! I would love any advice you all can give me about this and if there are any vitamins or supplements i should try taking!

Thanks so much for reading all of this.. I know its quite a lengthy read. Im excited to go on this curly girl journey with you all! I have attached a picture of my hair today. Cant believe how well the curls have stayed after sleeping on them last night!

**if anyone can tell me how to make the picture not be sideways, thatd be great for future reference!

- Jess
New to Curly Girl and hoping to find the best products for me and to learn to love and embrace my waves/ curls! 2B or 2C hair.


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    Welcome. I hope you enjoy your stay here & learn a lot. If you are using the curly girl method make sure none of your conditioners have silicones in them. (Ending in cone, conol, & xane) but I would suggestion clarifying once a month & deep conditioning weekly. To clarify is use a clarifying shampoo by suave. Some would say use apple cider vinegar but I find that to be very damaging. Apple cider vinegar made my hair turn red (didn't mind. It was pretty), hard & it was shedding. I won't use apple cider vinegar again. Hope this helps.
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    Also avoid salt in your products. While salt is a great curl booster, it can dry out your hair. Be careful with glycerin in your products too. Glycerin is a great humectant, but in REALLY high or low dew points can dry out the hair. It's not the humidity that affects the frizz factor of your hair. A great app I like is called curls on the go. It's tells you what products to use based on the dew points in the area you live. Love it.
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    Thank you! What brands of Deep Conditioners are popular and effective? Ive never used one before. I will double check my products for cones and glycerines. Am I doing the wrong thing by using a clarifying conditioner vs. a clarifying shampoo? I want to avoid over conditioning my hair especially because it gets weighed down easily, and ive never really had a big problem with tangles (fortunately!)

    Will check out that app too! I live in the Midwest! So glad this winter seems to be coming to an end and Spring has arrived! :)
    New to Curly Girl and hoping to find the best products for me and to learn to love and embrace my waves/ curls! 2B or 2C hair.

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