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This recipe is in the CG book for a deep conditioning treatment.

4 Tbsp. olive or almond oil
4 Tbsp. conditioner
2-3 drops musk oil or other essential oil of your choosing

Mix well and apply to wet hair, combing through gently until your whole head is saturated. Use the entire amount for long hair, half for short hair. Scrunch dry, then use clips to lift and separate the curls, as you would when styling. Leave in overnight or for several hours during the day. Rinse thoroughly with a combination of conditioner mixed with lemon juice and vinegar.

I know some of y'all have used this, and I'm curious how you rinse your hair with the conditioner/lemon juice/vinegar mix. And won't that just strip the moisture you've just put in back out?

Also - has anyone ever used ReaLemon instead of fresh lemon juice? Does that make a difference?

My hair seems pretty dry lately (really frizzy on top), so I'm thinking I need to do a DT, but I don't want a greasy mess, either.
I have very fine 3A hair!
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