My hair is never the same! Any advice?

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Hi girls, I just found this website and it's exactly what I need!

I've always straightened my hair however my GHD's broke recently and I decided to embrace the waves and give my poor hair a break from the heat. As a curly newbie I am still winging it mainly, however I can't work out how everytime after I hair is completely different! Sometimes it curls quite nicely. Other times it's a frizzy, stringy mess. Yet I can't work out why as I follow the same routine! I shampoo and condition, scrunch with a micro towel, add some frizz free cream and some curling moose then use my babyliss tourmaline and scrunch while I dry.

Sometimes it curls, sometimes it doesn't.

I need some help and advice, also I guessed my hair was 2C as I do have some Botticelli curls, although I'm not sure as sometimes it's completely 2B!

p.s I'll include pics when I can, my post count isn't high enough yet.


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    Nevermind, it posted my pics anyways.

    As you can see, two very different looks from the same routine! If anyone can tell me if I'm 2B or 2C that'd be helpful, ignore the big curl on the pic that's semi decent, that was from a curling tong, normally I have Botticelli curls at the front that are quite tight but my hair wasn't playing ball that day and needed help!
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    At this time of year the dew points can swing considerably from one day to the next, so that might be a large factor in the differences you're seeing.

    It can be very hard to remember after the fact, and even harder to compare strategies, techniques and products which worked well and those which didn't. I'd suggest that you keep a hair diary, possibly in a spreadsheet. Include information about precipitation and dew point highs and lows for the day, as well as what you observed about your hair upon arising, what you did to it and used on it, including amounts of products, the order in which you applied them, and whether you mixed or layered them, what the immediate results were, and how your hair behaved during the day.

    It also helps to keep it simple. Don't try to tweak the system until you have a well established basic system. When you start tweaking, try not to try different things rapidly, i.e., give yourself and your hair time to respond to the changes you make, and do yourself a favour by not changing multiple things at once. Then, if something doesn't work, go back a step before trying something else that's new, so that you'll have a better clue whether a change helped or hurt your hair.

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    The only way you get exactly the same hair everyday is to have straight hair. Definitely dew point plays a part. There are just a ton of variables especialy when you are still new to technique. I really believe that is huge. Because I change things all the time and the weather changes but finally a year in, it comes out fairly predictably. But a lot of accepting wave is accepting it does what it wants.
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    Thanks girls, I never considered the weather in playing a part, which is rather shameful as I'm obsessed with meteorology! I shall definitely be paying more attention and keeping notes.
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    Don't even worry about it! I never know what I'm going to get... Weather can be a big part of it, but also, let's just not deny that curls have a mind of their own...

    Also, marimoo, I have hair like yours... My stylist thinks I might be a Botticelli but (since I haven't started CG yet) I have no idea... It bounces around from 2B to 2C with some ringlets (love those days!)
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