Rant about comments from my husband!

nickih6221nickih6221 Posts: 4Registered Users
So i've been on holiday with my husband for a week and while we were away i decided to let my curls runfree, as when i'm in a humid climate (like Antigua) it doesn't matter how much time i spend staightening my hair, as soon as i step outside, it turns to a mass of frizz resembling a burst bag of cotton wool! About half way through the week my husband turned to me and said " i wish you'd make more of an effort with your hair" As you can imagine, i was incredibly ticked off. So the next night - just to prove a point, i spent over an hour blow drying my hair straight, while he was made to hang around waiting for me, only to walk out of the apartment and have it turn into a huge mass off frizz. Needless to say he never complained again and on our last day he agreed that my ringlets looked cute!!


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    ooooh thats a bit naughty of him! I think we deserve a break from the exhausting amount of EFFORT we have to put in every day to make our curls behave. What better place than on holiday to give your hair, and your arms, a rest! I think you made your point very well with your hour long tactic though :lol:
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    But then again, too few to mention...
  • nickih6221nickih6221 Posts: 4Registered Users
    I think alot of men just don't realise how much "effort" we out into looking after our hair, wether we are curly or not. i think he learned his lesson!
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    Ughz, men. I would have probably cursed him out and made HIM blow my hair out straight.
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    I think that most men think that women have straight hair, and when it's curly, they think we aren't doing anything with it. :roll: Not all men, of course.

    Sort off a guano, my father asked me one day, "How I do you get you hair the way it is?"


    "You, know.....curly."

    "Um, this is how it grows outta my scalp." :?

    Oh, okay. I didn't know."

    Okay, grant it I did relax my hair for about 9 years, but the other 17 years were spent as a natural. How could he NOT know my hair wasn't naturally straight? Oh well :shrugs shoulders:
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    Ughz, men. I would have probably cursed him out and made HIM blow my hair out straight.


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