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They curls :happy3:. I have been natural for almost 12 months and I need some ideals for new styles. I have type 4a hair, which mean I have loads of shrinkage. My hair is 5 to 6 inches but look like 2. This past year I been doing twist outs and a wash and go. I don't like doing finger coils and I don't know how to cornroll. Plus I am not good at flat twist. Is there anymore options for me?


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    There are not many options but there are a variety ideas within the available options. For example, you can stretch the hair and pin it up any way you like. You can use hair toys like those foam buns and rollers to create buns and rolls. I love, love, love, Curlformers. ( I can't roller set any other way to save my life). Let you imagination run free!

    Oh, keep practicing your flat twists; if you hate the way they turn out, they can easily make a great twist out. ;)
  • themhappycurlzthemhappycurlz Posts: 18Registered Users
    This could help with the flat twists: go to youtube, type in "flattwist for cheaters" (sorry, I can´t post links yet) . I´m absolutely talent free when it comes to hairstyles but I did this :-o.
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