Do not know how to edit a picture

dianibananidianibanani Registered Users Posts: 1
Hi! sorry i just joined because i wanted to upload a picture of my hair, but the ...window that comes out for you to upload the photo wasn't working completely right, and i tried to just work with it figuring if i messed up in tags or something i would be able to edit the info later... turns out i did mess up, put the wrong tag and now i have NO IDEA where or if it's even possible to edit the info on a photo once it's uploaded.

The photo is named Good-hair day Close-Up, it may appear on your column of latest photos... can you tell me how to edit it and if i can't can you please take it off?

Really if i can't edit it I would really like it to be deleted because... you know, not having any sort of control over your own posts is... kind of weird.

And I cant find how to delete it, please please help. I don't get this interface at all.

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