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Hi, I just recently decided that I want to become natural! :love7: It's only been a week or two since I last relaxed my hair but it's already growing out soo much.:toothy4: Now, I have to switch shampoos and conditioners! I don't know what's a good product to start off with for my transitioning phase. I tried doing research but it's so many products to start from. I would really love it, if I could get some products that worked during your transitioning phase.


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    Congratulations and welcome!!! What products are you or were you using? I used up what I already had before I bought curly hair specific products- the large size bottle of Garnier triple nutrition. Then I bought the Curls line, but lately I've been using store brand conditioners. I'm still using up the Curls shampoo. Until I decided that I wanted to try the tightly curly method and curly girl method I used the same deep conditioner and leave in as my relaxer using days. Long story short- as long as its not drying your hair out or causing problems like that, you don't necessarily have to change out products.

    Advice-wise, I'd say get to know your properties. Especially what your hair likes moisture wise. Conditioners with good slip for your hair are also a must, trims, and definitely deep conditioning treatments. I had many problems with tangling when I didn't condition properly or get trims on time. I trimmed very regularly and mini chopped 10 months after my last relaxer. Being honest, I still have those problems in those situations and I've been completely natural since Dec. of 2012. I just understand better how to fix them now and I guess less often in my solutions. Good luck and enjoy the ride!!

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    Pre-Poo: infrequent now, Coconut Oil overnight
    Shampoo: Curls unleashed/for occasional sulfate wash when needed, everlasting sunshine.
    Conditioner: Suave Naturals Everlasting Sunshine and GVP's conditioning balm.
    Styler: iagirl's flaxseed curl cream or gelatin gel/conditioner mix. <3
    PT: iagirl's gelatin treatment 3-4 times a month, with conditioner/honey/avj

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