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Hello everybody. First I wouldlike to thank all the lovely ladies on this site that take time out of their days to help a stranger online :)
It has been 3 years and so far my hair jas gotton from bad to worse. Long story short I would constantly press and curl my hair every month. But realized the damage it was do and stopped. Unfortunately I stopped during one of the worst winters Canada had to offer and was blessed with unruly, dry badlt damaged hair :). I once had a dark curly 4c hair texture that stood up on my head. I now have a brown matted dry loosely curled hair (almost like a 3) with partially damaged ends. I don't know what I can do with my hair anymore I didn't go though any big chops because my hair would cut off anyway, so badly that my scalp is visible underneath. As well as the fact that it isnt capable of holding onto a braid or wont even reach down passed my ear (the cartilage if I can say). Big chopping is out of the question seeing as how my hair is already short (and beleive it or not choppy and uneven) and shaving it all of is not and option. I honestly feel like any of those things will not make my hair grow back to normal and the sheer thought of me with shorter hair brings out the anxiety in me because lets be real I'm not the most goodlooking girl in my school even with longer hair so I don't want my self esteem to shrink. If there are any tips or any products that can help that I can buy right here in Canada $20 being my ultimate budget, that could improve my hairs health and get me on the right track so I could maybe start fresh with a bc than by all means please share. I really need more advice and I have to keep on trying to reach my goal to chin/shoulder length! Thank you, and God Bless :toothy4:

Products I use:
Garnier Fructis Fall Fright
Garnier Fructis Damage Repair
Garnier Fructis Triple Moisture
Classique Volume Deluxe
Tame Macadamia oil conditioner
All the above products were Purchased from Dollarama (canadian dolar store)

Dove Daily moisture Shampoo
Dove daily moisture Conditioner
I heard Shea butter could help
Also a tub of coconut oil

My rouine usually consists of washing my hair with the fall fright shampoo then Conditioning with the macadamia nut.
Then I slab on some coconut oil and then seal it with shea.
Am I doing the right thing? I mean I just started only a month ago and I wash my hair every 2 weeks hopefully this break down made it easier for everyone to understand.
Thank you!


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    Also, what ARE you doing? Tell us your products and routine. Maybe people can see what to change to help. And have you had a check up? Some hair troubles are connected to your health.
    2a medium porous, You can see my wavy tutorials here: and my wavy blog is The Wavy Nation

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