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So, I'm currently in my last days of middle school. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about playing soccer. At my old school and town, our school didn't offer it nor did our rec. department. I would like to try out in high school next year for at least the JV team, but I know that my chances of making the team are slim. However, I was thinking about joining a recreational league for fall and then try out for soccer for high school in the spring. Where I live high school has soccer in both the fall and spring. Correct me if I'm wrong. On the other hand, I also do gymnastics and tennis. No way am I quitting gymnastics; I completely love that sport! However, I enjoy tennis, but I'm okay with giving it up to explore another sport. I would love to do all three. I was thinking I could do soccer in the fall and tennis in the spring after my first year or vice versa. I would be doing gymnastics all year as it is a year round sport unlike soccer and tennis. I also want to focus on my school work as well, and I'm going to a magnet school which is a lot of homework. Sorry for my rant. My questions are: Is soccer a hard sport to learn? Should I join a league in fall and then tryout in spring? What are some skill I could work on at home?Approximately, what is the cost of soccer? Will I be able to juggle three sports or should I give up tennis?
BTW: Two friends of mine play soccer, so I could get them to teach me some skills. Also, I'm a girl XD.


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    It sounds like something that if you don't try you'll regret. I'd go for it. 😊 but I wouldn't overload myself. maybe try making a list of where you'd most like to & have to divide your time & see where soccer comes up. I don't know of any costs but I'd call around or check out Google. HIH!


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