Questions about protein rinse-out

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    I see no one answered this one but in case you're still interested, or anyone else, I'll take a "stab" at it.

    The best thing IMO is to rotate types of protein, but if you don't have another one it's ok to use the same one even several weeks in a row if your hair showed the need for protein, which is the case with either fine, color-treated hair or hair that had been chemically processed or heat styled regularly for a while. The condition of your hair should tell you when it's had enough, in other words, if you go one week from great hair to hair that's feeling a little rough and/or dry, it's time to stop.

    When using just a RO I don't think it's absolutely necessary to use a moisturizing DT as most ROs also contain moisturizers.
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    Awesome! That answered a similar question I had. I just got Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner and used it this morning. Left it on for a couple minutes in the shower and then rinsed it out. I followed up with Aubrey Organics Replenishing Conditioner and KCKT on my ends.

    My hair felt GREAT afterwards (meaning, I shouldn't have been afraid of protein!). So I guess my thing is how often can/should I use it? Also, I got Shea Moisture's new smoothing masque which contain small amounts of hydrolized protein as well.

    I'm still new to this protein thing so any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    I don't think anyone can give you an accurate answer, every head of hair is different so at best it would be a guess and most people could only use themselves as example.

    So, I'll just say that in my case, I use a RO
    or LI with protein every time co-wash or rinse my hair except right after I color my hair (because it can leach out pigment), but the following time I'll probably use a LI with protein because color-treated hair (or hair that's been processed in any way) needs it. I also have fine hair so for me there has never been "too much".

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