Replacement conditioner for SS Caitlin's Conditioner?

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After a lengthy period of product trials, I finally found the combination that worked for me. For the next 2 years, I just stuck with that combination with reasonably happy hair. Then the formula changed for Caitlin's Conditioner. Not only do I not like the new scent, but I believe it causes my scalp to itch. And I have rashes that I think are caused by contact with it. So now I have to find a replacement.

I would like something as moisturizing as CC. My hair loves protein, so protein-rich is fine. I'm leaning towards conditioners I can find locally this time around. I've read good things about V05 Strawberries and the Yes to Carrots and Yes to Blueberries conditioners. Anyone have any recommendations between those, or something else that might be a better replacement?

Hair:3A, fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity. Low density.

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    I absolutely love the Yes to Blueberries conditioner! I actually like it a lot better than the Caitlin's Conditioner.
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    :thumbdown:: glycerin in high/low dews, polyquat-10 & 11, parabens

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