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Since I started growing my hair out the weight of my hair has taken my hair from a 3a curl pattern to more of a 2c pattern and even though the curls start at the root the weight makes them stick super close to my head. I was thinking of buying some root-lifter, like Catwalk's root boost or something of that nature to give my hair a little lift away from the scalp.

Has anyone one tried this with any success?
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    I think SheaMoisture yucca&baobab thickening moisture mist is really good for more volume at the roots. But I think that your style method will give you more results than just a product. Try the clipping method, plopping or diffusing upside down (on low heat setting!) ;)

    You could also just accept you have less volume at te roots. I have the same 'problem' but I just don't really mind about it anymore, because I think it looks just fine the way it is. I also have less shrinkage because of this, what I consider to be a good thing.
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    Agreed with etos about the clipping method and styling upside down! Both of those techniques really help me get more volume at the roots. I rinse some of my conditioner out in the shower and apply my styling product all while I am upside down, then plop with a t-shirt. When I take the t-shirt off I usually flip my hair forward and back a few times and that's usually when I'm done.

    However, on days where I really want the maximum volume at the roots I'll clip OR I'll use the Deva diffuser (dryer on low of course!) just at the roots whilst upside down. I don't do it until it's completely dry, just for a few minutes. I imagine I will need to do this more frequently as my hair gets longer... I'm aiming for bra strap length!
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    I've used this and it's worked well for me. Good luck!
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