Beachy waves - Deva cut?

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So I think i want to cut my 2B-3A hair into beachy waves. Should I get a curly/Deva cut or just go to a regular stylist?


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    I have 2c/3a hair. I got this look from a regular cut. It was cut dry and straight. I go to bed curly and wake up with waves, I love it! Deva cuts are meant to enhance your curls, and also will be uneven if your curls turn into waves. That's the main reason I got mine cut out.
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    I don't think you can change your curl pattern significantly from a cut.

    My curls/waves can range from 2c-2a(but fuzzy 2a). But that has more to do with me streching my hair or sleeping on it, not from a cut. I don't think any cut could change my pattern.
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    Yeah, this is probably more about stretching your curl. You could try big rollers (the biggest you can find). Try some pincurl techniques, the bigger the better. Try damping it smoothing in some gel and doing a big twist all gathered and put up into a twisted bun and dry it. If you have a pretty strong pattern, it will take some manipulation.
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