Not the best pic but...

I thought I would finally post a couple pics of my curls. I think Im 3b for the most part. Definition and frizz have improved quite a bit since going CG a month ago.



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    Your hair looks beautiful.
  • CurlydominicanaCurlydominicana Posts: 17Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I love it
  • i2credi2cred Posts: 80Registered Users
    Thanks ladies!! Im still learning and experimenting. I have become quite the product junkie!! :toothy4:
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    *rolls over and dies of jealousy*

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    Go Red Wings!

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    Your curls are beautiful.

    I'm definitely a "curly" 2c. Sometimes curly and sometimes just wavy upper layer with a ringlety under layer. My hair has been thick and coarse since birth. Strawberry blonde in color that can and does change depending on the type and amount of light.

    All in all, I'm happy with my hair type but almost for sure think yours is prettier. :)
  • i2credi2cred Posts: 80Registered Users
    Thank you :)

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